Fall 2019, SPE and KANEKA scholarship applications

We are not accepting scholarship applications at this time, please check back with us in Spring 2020.


Mark your Calendars!

Polymer Technology Industrial Consortium (PTIC)

• Fall – October 17th - 18th, 2019, Texas A&M University

Scratch Behavior of Polymers Consortium (SCRATCH)

• Fall – October 9th, 2019 TROY, MI, after the TPO conference

Contact Isabel Cantu for inquiries about the consortium



What We Do




We conduct research on high performance functional polymers for nanotechnology, biotechnology and micro-/nano-electronics packaging applications; surface damage phenomena of polymers.

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We are are focused on discovering, developing, and delivering high performance functional polymers. Our goal is to deliver new technology in polymers that will be adopted by the polymers industry globally, nationally, and throughout Texas.

Our Innovation


We strive to combine the resources of industry members with the knowledge base of academic facilities in an effort to develop fundamental knowledge of these unique materials, as well as to give design and production insight for product development