Scratch Behavior on Polymers


The Scratch Behavior of Polymers Consortium aims to develop a physics-based mechanical model, and then establish a generic structure property relationship on scratch behaviors in polymers. We have semi-annual meetings, which are conducted in April and October of each year. At these meetings, you will be presented with the latest cutting-edge research findings.

The following is a list of the past agendas for the SCRATCH Consortium. Full presentations are available via email to members upon request.

2023 Agendas

March 4th


2023 Agendas

March 23nd

October 12th

2022 Agendas

April 21st

October 6th

2021 Agendas

April 16th

October 21st

2020 Agendas

April 6th

October 7th

2019 Agendas

March 20th

October 9th

2018 Agendas

May 9th

October 10th

2017 Agendas

May 10th

October 4th

2016 Agendas

April 12th

October 5th

2015 Agendas

March 25th

October 7th

2014 Agendas

April 30th

November 6th

2013 Agendas

April 24th

October 24th

2012 Agendas

April 19th

October 3rd

2011 Agendas

April 7th

October 3rd

2010 Agendas

April 8th

October 6th

2009 Agendas

April 16th

October 7th

2008 Agendas

April 24th

October 30th

2007 Agendas

April 26th

October 11th

2006 Agendas

April 20th

October 12th

2005 Agendas

April 21st

October 13th