Chukwuzubelu Ufodike

Assistant Professor - Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution

Phone: (979) 845-0093


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2020 – Present             Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution; Multidisciplinary Engineering (courtesy), Texas A&M University

2020 – Present             Director, Digital Manufacturing & Distribution Lab (DMD-Lab), Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station.


2020 Ph.D., Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Florida A&M University, USA
2016 M.S.I.E, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Florida State University, USA
2014 M.P.E. Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, University of Lagos, Lagos Nigeria

2013 M.B.A., Business Administration & Finance, National Open University of Nigeria

2009 (B.Eng.TechHons), Materials & Metallurgical Engineering, Federal University of Technology Owerri


Research Interest
• Computational Design for Additive Manufacturing
• Sustainable Energy Systems
• Autonomous and Unmanned Systems
• Multifunctional Materials and Composites
• Distributed Manufacturing
• Smart Digital Technology and Manufacturing (AI, Industry 4.0, and IoT),
• STEM Education



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